What we do.

Since 2002, we have earned a great reputation working across media.



Understanding users’ and stakeholders’ perceptions, attitudes and values, motivations, abilities and behaviours

Identifying consumer/market segments

Met and unmet needs

Foresight research to envision the future

Drivers and hurdles to users’ access and effective and enjoyable use

Contextualised, pragmatic research

Sensitive to the needs and abilities of individuals

Ethical best practice (Criminal Records Bureau checked staff,  Informed consent, Ethical approval, Members of Market Research Society and British Psychological Society) 

Methodological Rigour and Diversity.

Fluent in a broad range of research methods and statistical analyses

From observational studies using ethnographic approaches to lab-based experimental evaluations to test particular variables under controlled conditions

Survey and questionnaire construction, with tailored presentation to the requirements of the target population whatever their abilities or needs

Usability evaluations

Focus groups

Depth interviews from end users to stakeholders

Desk and business research  

Creative solutions.

Real world problem solving

Product and service design and development

Design checklists

Optimising user experiences

Targeting and evaluating impact of communications

Reviewing literature on state of the art in digital media products and services


Research consultancy and training in workshop and seminar formats (sharing expertise, project management, research scoping)

We are based at Goldsmiths University of London, and abide by Goldsmiths Policies on Research Governance, Sustainability, Health and safety, Diversity, Inclusion.


Give us a research challenge, we'll give you a solution.