Case studies.

We're proud of the social and business impact our work has achieved.

Researchers from i2 media teamed up with Toyota for a new campaign aimed at making people 'fall in love with driving again. i2 Media  supervised a study which compared people's reactions when driving diesel cars and Toyota hybrid vehicles through the streets of Rome.

Everyday emergencies project commissioned by Direct Line conducted by i2Media

"Beyond the subconscious" is a video featured by Euronews for 'Futuris', the European research programme on Euronews. The video demonstrates BrainX3.  a large-scale simulation of human brain activity with real-time interaction, rendered in 3D in a virtual reality environment, which combines computational power with human intuition for the exploration and analysis of complex dynamical networks.. BrainX3 is one of the showcase of the CEEDs project, which Professor Jonny Freeman coordinated through the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. BrainX3 was developed within the project under the Scientific Direction of Prof Paul Verschure (SPECS lab, UPF, Barcelona) and implemented fully at SPECS lab, and in portable versions in London (at i2's lab) and in Padova (HTLab).

Here Jonathan Freeman, the founder of i2 media, talks about the kind of work they do with DTG, the Digital TV Group. 

Building on their work at Goldsmiths University, Dr Jane Lessiter and Eva Ferrari examine user behaviour with multi-touchpoint digital experiences, looking at how attention is split between the growing range of devices in users' lives. Recorded at MEX, December 2009 (