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The trends and standout companies at Northern Europe’s biggest startup event

Slush is the leading startup conference in Northern Europe and Russia. Last week nearly 1,200 companies took part to Slush 2013 in Helsinki. The winners were BetterDoctor, a US doctor database with user rankings, and Weekdone, an elegant staff management tool.

At the conference attendees reached consensus over the three key points to succeed in today’s market:

  • treat everything as a service,
  • put the customer at the centre of every business decision,
  • and test early.

In line with i2 media's ideology, the main message from attendees was that it is better to trial what you are doing and pivot or fail than to invest a fortune bringing a fully realised version of the wrong concept to market.

Four key sectors were highlighted as the ripe pickings for the savvy startup over the next few years: Mobile Gaming, Finance, Health Tech and Customer tracking. Examples of some of the most interesting start-ups investing in these sectors are:  Kiosked an ad delivery platform which integrates into images, video and even games; Transferwise, a financial service that allows to skips overseas transaction by paying customers from an account it has in their destination country;Valkee which tackles seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with a controversial bright light headset; Mendor, pushing an all-in-one blood test and insulin delivery tool for diabetics;  IndoorAtlas, which uses the earth’s magnetic field and the digital compasses found in most modern smartphones to accurately track people where there is no GPS or phone signal.