Professor Jonathan Freeman was at Tanner Warehouse in London this morning as a guest speaker at The Modern High Street event, organised by leading outdoor media company Exterion Media.

i2 media research, with its over 15 years' experience, was among the expert companies invited to talk at this half-day morning event, that had the aim to present results from a multi layered research project exploring the value and  the evolution of the high street into a social destination, driveing direct retail engagement. 

Understanding the dynamics behind shopping behaviors has always been at the core of i2's interest. In earlier qualitative research using observations and interviews with passengers in airports, i2 identified two factors that play a particularly important role in driving consumers attention to marketing messages: time pressure and focus. These two dimensions define i2's model of shopper behaviour and helped Exterion Media understanding the important role that mindset plays in receptiveness to advertising.

The model was extensively used during i2 media and Exterion Media's research collaboration,  both in i2's lab and in the more ecologically valid context of the high street. Results from the research were presented at the event as well as included in a white paper, produced by i2 media and Eyetracker, that was circulated to all attendees.

Other speakers at the event included:

  • Mark Palmer – Marketing Director at Pret a Manger
  • Alan Brydon – CEO at Outsmart
  • Jane Pritchard – Enterprise & Culture Director at Business in the Community
  • Peter Donohoe – Project Lead at Healthy High Street
  • Ian Redpath – Research Manager at Eyetracker

For more information please follow this link: or contact Professor Freeman at