i2 media research is conducting research for a London based start-up: Pickevent.  And you can take part, here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/i2-4-Pickevent

Pickevent is the world’s first Events Network connecting Attendees, Speakers and Event Organisers supporting the pre, during and post Event experience by enabling people to showcase their profile, find others and connect any time.

i2 media's research has been designed to identify people’s interest in a range of potential functions Pickevent are considering for inclusion in their new app for smartphones and tablets.  It has involved us immersing ourselves in professional events and interviewing lots of people there, and in the Event Application literature.

Through this, we have identified 8 functions which meet various needs of people who go to professional events (attendees, speakers, exhibitors and organisers).

To give your view of each the app functions - and how much you think they would enhance your experience of attending professional events (whether as an attendee, speaker, exhibitor or organiser), please complete this short (8-12 minute) questionnaire:

i2's work for Pickevent is supported by London Fusion - a European Commission Regional Development Fund supported scheme to enable knowledge exchange between research experts based in Higher Education Establishments and SMEs in London.

For more information about Pickevent, please see: https://pickevent.com/

For more on London Fusion, please see: http://www.londonfusion.org.uk/