The inaugural 'Human Interactive' conference brings together leading experts from industry and academia to present and discuss the challenges of achieving the next generation of human-machine interaction through advances in computer games, AI, neuroscience, AR/VR, psychology, big data analytics, robotics and creative computing.

Prof. Jonathan Freeman will present work conducted by his team. The MindSee project, for instance is investigating how novel generations of symbiotic relationships between humans and computers can be achieved in the area of information seeking. 

The associated economical, ethical, societal and environmental issues involved will also be explored and there will be plenty of opportunity for networking.

The conference will be followed by "Creative Machine", a major exhibition exploring the twilight world of human-machine creativity, including installations of video and computer art, AI, robotics and apps .

Both events  will take place at Goldsmiths University of London on the 6th of November. Registration is FREE