Over the past 5 years or so, we've been applying our research methods to understanding what are customer and retailer needs from future retail infrastructures. 

Through this research we've come up with exciting concepts spanning connected retail, and emotionally intelligent responsive retail environments which respond to the customers in store in real time.  You can read some exciting use cases we generated in this space in our preparatory study on the Internet of Things and its application to connected retail, available on the Technology Strategy Board website.

Well, now we're working with BearingPoint on an international study they are running on what are the drivers, barriers, challenges and opportunities for Cross Channel Retail today, and over the coming years.  If you work in the retail world and would like to have your say on the topic of Cross Channel Retail, please answer this short survey:  


Or email Jonny to run through the questions over the phone, or over a coffee if you prefer.

Results will be published in the 2013 BearingPoint Institute Report.